Surgical treatment of skin tumors, diseases of the genital and rectal area, lip tumors, nails and veins

Preoperative diagnosis

For the diagnosis we perform dermatoscopy and scanning of the entire integuments by FotoFinder and Moleanalyser.

Operations on the skin - our outpatient therapies

Tumor surgery on the skin, even of very large tumors- with skin grafts, defect coverages with different laps,  wedge excisions of the ear with / without Trendelenburg reduction plastic, composite grafts of the auricle, shave excisions

Operations in the anal area

Operations on skin and mucous membranes of the genital area

Operations of the lip mucosa

Langenbeck-von Bruns lower-lip plastical surgery

Nail surgery

Emmert surgery and other procedures

Venous surgery

Under local anesthesia removal of varicose veins by microsurgery by Ramelet or Varady.